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Some art assets from one of my assignments. The brief was to make a SHMUP with a unique scoring mechanic. I ended up running out of time due to my group game taking up most of my time. I got the scoring in there but the game isn’t that polished. 

Flower Smasher is a flower themed shoot em up. The player must kill the white enemies to pick up the yellow flowers that drop. The yellow flowers give the player gun power which is displayed by a bar on the side of the screen. Killing the coloured enemies without the corresponding gun power colour will net the player no points but if they manage their gun power by hitting into enemies or their bullets, they’ll get a big score reward. The higher the player’s gun power, determines how much damage the player’s guns do.

The player has a max of 400 gun power.
The bar is blue when the gun power is less than 100. Green when over 100, but less than 200. Yellow, 200 - 300 and Red, 300 - 400.

Killing a blue enemy when the bar is in blue gives 50 points. Killing a yellow enemy when in green gives 150 points. Killing a yellow enemy when in yellow gives 350 points. Killing a yellow enemy when in red gives 600 points.

Hitting an enemy will take the player’s power down a bar, hitting a bullet will take it down half a bar. 


Wow. Where to begin with my group game. The group fell to pieces, well. One person did. They ended up doing barely any work for the 12 weeks we had to work on the game. Most of their work I had to do and I wasn’t even meant to be designing shit. 

I found it super stressful and I just had no time to even think about writing updates.  But looking on the bright side we got in a mostly finished game. It still had some bugs and needed a fair bit of fine tuning but considering how much fucking around there was where nobody knew what was going on, I’m pretty proud of what we accomplished. Plus I don’t ever have to work with them again.

This is going to be a long post so… 

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I’ve got my second assignment for my Experience Design course. I have to create a shmup. I currently have no idea what to do for a unique scoring mechanic. I hope I can come up with something good soon. I had this idea for having to kill the enemies in a certain order or you won’t get points but it seems like a really overused idea and too complicated for the gameplay, so that idea is out the window. 

Ah well… I’ll think of something.


The game design document is taking a while XD

Yeah I’ve been working on my group game a bit. We’ve moved from first person to third person which is going to take a bit to work out. I thought I’d have to completely redesign the pickup script that I made a while back but I think if I somehow center the character into the middle of the screen and make the block a little further away from the camera, it should be fine. I’d really rather it just stay first person though.

I’ve started work on locking player movement/ placement of blocks to a grid. Currently the player movement is a bit screwed and the placement of blocks is pretty buggy but considering that I’ve never done this before, I think its a good start. 

We’re probably going to have to completely redesign the networking script which sucks. Unless we can find a work around not being able to access the player’s transforms/ individual scores. It kind of sucks. 

I suppose I do have more on the GDD since last time so I’ll just post a piece of what I have that’ll explain the game more.

"The World We Make is a third person (maybe), local multiplayer game where players work together to build as high as possible as the levels below them are slowly destroyed.

Players can pick up any block to create a pathway towards block spawners in the sky where they can get more blocks in order to get higher. The blocks below them are slowly being destroyed in layers as the players frantically collect and move blocks.”

I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed but I’m feeling significantly better now. Which is a good sign XD


Build Your Way


Here’s a zip download of the web build of my game. 


Attackers can’t walk on block tiles.
Attackers can only move tile per move and only onto tiles that are adjacent to them.
Only one attacker can occupy a tile at any time.

Players can only place tiles that are in their hands. Players can only place tiles that are adjacent to their attackers.

Players can only destroy tiles that are adjacent to their attackers. Play- ers can’t destroy tiles that have an attacker on them. Players cannot destroy base tiles.

Players only have 2 moves per turn. Everything except destroying a block tile costs only 1 move. Destroying a block tile costs 2 moves. You cannot destroy a block tile if you only have 1 move left.

Game ends when one player has all their attackers on the opposing player’s base tiles at the same time. 


Our game is finally back on track. The game is a third person, grid based multiplayer game. The players all work together to get build higher as the levels below them are slowly being deleted. I’ll explain more when I get the GDD finalised :D


There’s also more than just the art direction. I feel that the players don’t have a clear goal. Why do they want to keep building into the sky? Why do they want to work together with other players? I just don’t think playtesting will help. What we need is a design document but we currently don’t have that at the moment. What we have is a lot of questions and mixed thoughts but nothing concrete. We need direction. We need to know what we’re working towards, not just a date. I seriously doubt we’ll get anywhere unless this is fixed soon. 

Playtesting should happen when we have our gameplay done and level done. Then we can make modifications to it. Sigh…

I need to work on adding numbers to the blocks so when they’re spawned they have a particular material attached according to what number they’re assigned. It kind of doesn’t help that the textures are all jpegs. JPEGs are awful. They really are. You lose so much quality with them its not funny.

Just bluh….


I’ve completely lost motivation for my group project… I don’t know if it’s because I’m really tired or I feel that the game wouldn’t be fun or that I just don’t like the art direction. I mean I’ve put a fair bit of thought into the game today. We for some reason decided that the overall aesthetic is Vincent van Gogh’s ‘The Starry Night’ and I don’t really understand why. It’s really restrictive. When you use something as a base especially a painting, you take on whatever the meaning of that painting is or what the artist intended to convey. So I looked up the painting to see if maybe it has some kind of context to the piece and I found: 

During Van Gogh’s younger years (1876-1880) he wanted to dedicate his life to evangelization of those in poverty. Many believe that this religious endeavor may be reflected in the eleven stars of the painting. In Genesis 37:9 the following statement is made:

"And he dreamed yet another dream, and told it his brethren, and said, Behold, I have dreamed a dream more; and, behold, the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me."

" -http://www.vangoghgallery.com/painting/starry-night.html

Now apparently the theme of our game is the destruction of society. I should probably write what the game is.

The World We Make is a first person multiplayer game where the players are working together to get as high in the sky as possible before the blocks that they’re standing on dissolve into nothing. The players use blocks to create pathways to spawners in order to generate more blocks in order to progress higher. 

I just don’t think the aesthetics and meaning of the art that we’re basing our art design on match with our overall theme of the gameplay.

I just think we need to broaden the art design. I think we need to choose an art movement rather than a particular artist or artwork. But that’s just my opinion. I’m just doing the scripting so I guess what I say doesn’t matter much. It’s really up to the designers…

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